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DCell GmbH

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Wir entwickeln und bauen Hochtemperatur-Reaktoren für die Zucht von mono-kristallinen Siliziumkristallen für Solarzellen.


We develop and build High Temperature Reactors for growing mono crystalline silicon crystals for solarcells.


Some people would like to have some information on my person. So here are some Milestones on my Journey

1960    Born in Bern, Switzerland

73-80   Humanistic education at the Collegium Alpinum Schwyz, Switzerland.

80-83   University of St.Gallen HSG, Switzerland, Business Administration & Economy.

83-87   Extensive traveling in Mexico, Central and South America.

87-91   University of Bern, Switzerland, Anthropology & Political Economy.

1989    Founding of Plata de Los Adobes, Taxco, Gro., ”Musicspheres”, 120 employees.

1992    Founding of first mechanical workshop in Taxco with courses for mechanical engineers.

1995    Diploma “Entrepreneur of the year“ of the state of Guerrero, Mexico.

95-97   Manufacturing of PVD reactors for various universities of Mexico.

96-01   Manufacturing of 500'000 pcs/year of fine silver & gold jewelry in a JIT environment

97-00   Development of high power Nd:YAG cutting & welding lasers for Laserhouse AG

1999    CNC Retrofit of various milling machines (courses with MDSI and Power Automation).

2000    Supplier of Volkswagen for fine interior aluminum parts of the „New Beetle RSI“.

01-04   New Beetle ”Turbo S”, develop. & manuf. of 150'000 pcs/year fine interior aluminum parts.

2001    Design, manufacturing & rampup of aluminium anodizing plant in Taxco, Mexico

2002    Diploma „Leader of Quality ISO 9000:2000“ from Volkswagen Mexico

03-04   PL of develop. & manuf. of 137 different fine alu parts for the interior of the Bugatti Veyron

05-15   Manufacturer & supplier of fine aluminum parts for the series of the Bugatti Veyron.

2007    Near fatal car accident, 8 months in rehabilitation, total recovery

2009    Founding of PROPLANETA, 7 month travelling in China, benchmarking of 120 companies

2010    Design, build & ramp up of manufacturing plant for unpressurized solar water heaters

2013    Purchase & dismantle of Cia. Sovello, Bitterfeld and Cia. Scheuten, Gelsenkirchen

2014    Reassemble & rampup for IUSA, Mexico Line 1

2014    BlueCell GmbH: Purchase of Sunways solar cell plant. Ramped up & made profitable in 5 mo.

2015    CTO&COO of IUSAsol. Design of machines & software for 300MW L2 & L3 for IUSAsol.

2015    Purchase & installation of 50MW multi-crystalline wafer line with VGF reactors

2016    BlueCell GmbH sold to IUSAsol. Hand over of IUSAsol to IUSA. Founding of DCell GmbH

2017    Design, development & build of modern Czochralski Reactor

2018    Bid for Waferfab in Hilbersdorf, Advocate for CO2-free wafer production in Germany

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